Our Story

The Short Story

Abe McCauley is the owner of The Barrel, a small coffee shop located in East Tennessee that focuses on providing stellar customer service.

The Short Story Longer

Abe McCauley III was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Abe spent most of his professional life dedicated to helping at-risk youth which eventually led him to Greeneville Tennessee. While at a popular coffee shop he was shocked to find out that they no longer carried his espresso beverage of choice. This incident was the spark that ignited the fire. From that moment, Abe vowed to open his own shop and the rest is history. A history that began on February 8, 2018 when The Coffee Barrel was born.

The Barrel, as it is locally known,  has evolved from a simple coffee shop offering a limited drink selection to a full-on café experience offering dine-in service within a great atmosphere. Our mission at The Barrel is to meet customer demand in a way that is meaningful and enduring.  We envision a service model that grows as our customers grow. Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do. We understand that to achieve excellence in service delivery we must interact with our customers in ways that guarantee we are meeting their needs. To accomplish our mission we adopted a mindset we call E.V.O.L.V.E.

E- We engage our customers. The first step in the process of getting to know our customers begins with a simple conversation. A meaningful exchange of words that can spark long-term relationship.

V- We value our customer’s needs above our own. The statement “ the customer is always right” is not just cliché for us. If there is a product or service our customers desire we will do our best to meet that expectation.

O- We create opportunities within the communities we serve. We don’t just want to come into communities to take from them we also want to give back in ways that benefit the community through events, employment opportunities and volunteer programs.

L- We learn from our mistakes. We take feedback seriously, but not personally, so all critique is an opportunity for us to grow.

V- We are visionary. We aren’t looking to chase the next new trends, but we are always thinking and planning ahead. We prefer to look beyond the horizon to determine what future technologies will help our customer delivery systems to operate more efficiently.

E- We believe everyone is a potential customer. We feel that we offer such a wide array of unique products and services that anyone can find something they love.

Stop by and check us out!

Abe McCauley