• Abe Mccauley

Letting Go of Who You Think You Are

We all believe we have some idea of who we are. We feel we have a grasp on the type of person we are. Where did we get this idea of who we are? Did we sit down one day and decide who we were going to be? Have we evolved over time into the person we are today? If so, what factors contributed to the "person" we identify as at this moment in time? While the factors that shape us are often beyond our control they certainly don't define us. Alan Watts once said, " a man does not really begin to be alive until he has lost himself, until he has released the anxious grasp which he normally holds upon his life, his property, his reputation and position.” To truly understand who we are begins with letting go of the ideas/thoughts about who we are. This gives us a clean canvas from which we can decide for ourselves just who it is we really want to become.

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